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France Laure Moisturize Harmonizing Cream

France Laure Moisturize Harmonizing Cream

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Sizes : 50 g / 1.8 oz

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It ensures and maintains hydric balance in addition to repulping, rehydrating, and softening the skin.
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Description A soft and creamy whipped emulsion is recommended for daily use. It has been specially formulated to transform into water pearls that become absorbed by the epidermis. This innovative day cream leaves a sensation of humidity on the skin that lasts all day, leaving your skin glowing and feeling healthy and refreshed!
  • Dermaflux regulates the hydration rate and increases the permeability rate of the pores.
  • Hyaluronic acid: a natural constituent of the dermis that captures and retains water.
  • Caviar oil moisturizes and improves skin elasticity and cell regeneration.

In the morning, after the Intense or Silky Serum, apply it to the face, neck, and neckline. Use circular movements to make it penetrate.

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Simply a great face cream....non it!